Professional Summary

Exemplary skills with uncovering and marketing new business opportunities.  Successful builder of lasting client relationships with superior outcomes. Proven track record with starting and building new business. Key competencies include:

  • Marketing Strategy Development
  • Branding
  • Project Management
  • Content Marketing and SEO
  • Generational Communication
  • Team Building and Motivating

Major Accomplishments

  • Developed and implemented marketing plans that generated $250,000 in first year revenues as Vice President and Co-Founder of, Inc.
  • Increased revenues to $150,000 as Owner of Jazzercise Fitness Studio by expanding service offerings, recruiting franchisees, hiring staff, and executing extensive grassroots marketing efforts.
  • Spearheaded the creation and implementation of the organization-wide strategic planning process as Business Planning and Marketing Research Manager at Kettering Health Network, an organization of 3,500 employees.

Experience – Virtual

Co-Founder and Owner

September 2020 – present is the re-evolution of social media.  It is a new social media site designed to be a Facebook alternative or a Twitter alternative.  You may have heard of other established social media sites like MeWe or Parler.  We are different in our vibe.  You may have heard of some up-and-coming sites like YoRe or Wimkin. is also different in our vibe as well.  BaBlahBlah is social media the way it should be:  To connect with friends, make news ones, and have some fun.

Western Governors University – Salt Lake City, UT

Professor, Undergraduate, Business (remote)

December 2017 – present

  • Support student success in completing undergraduate business courses quickly and thoroughly.
  • Create unique supplement materials including videos, live remote events, quizzes and summary documents.

Southern New Hampshire University – Manchester, NH

Adjunct Professor, Graduate Level, Business (remote)

May 2014-December 2017

One of approximately 20 professors featured on national commercials for Southern New Hampshire University’s Bus Tour, a prestigious and coveted award, due to profound impact on the educational experiences of students.

  • Transition students from analyzing the present to creating the future.
  • Mentor and collaborate with approximately 30 graduate students simultaneously per term (150 annually) in developing detailed business plans for students’ original business ideas. Mastery of content includes branding, market segmenting, digital marketing, pricing, and consumer trends.
  • Mentor on social media marketing and blogging topics to promote each unique business idea.
  • Highly interactive trainer using Skype, GoToMeeting, and video presentations.

Team Lead, Graduate Level (remote)

July 2016-December 2017

Mentor, manage, and motivate teams of graduate level business professors to ensure they meet the university’s highest commitment to student success by employing the philosophy “to inspire not require”.

  • Formulate creative problem solving strategies to assist professors with difficult student situations. Channel conversations into a mutually positive path.
  • Continuously evaluate approximately 25 professors per term (125 per year) and provide substantive feedback.
    • Initiate coaching strategies to engage sub-performing professors and reestablish acceptable performance levels. Inspire top performers to maintain.
  • Act as a liaison between professors and deans. This includes providing subject matter expertise of the university’s policies, protocol, and culture to professors to alleviate all but the most serious issues from dean attention. 

Subject Matter Expert, Marketing and Strategy (single assignment)

February 2015

Provided marketing expertise in developing MBA 560, Marketing and Strategy, THE pivotal graduate level marketing class where students create highly detailed and implementable business plans. This course transitions students from analyzing existing companies into developing their own business.

  • Developed course milestones, evaluative criteria, and specific activities as well as located relevant resources including on line news articles, videos, and websites that specifically addressed course requirements beyond the text book.
  • Collaborated with Course Design Team members to ensure course content complied with strict rules and regulations for regionally accredited universities.

Jazzercise– Dayton, OH

Owner, Franchisee and Personal Trainer (operated concurrently with other job positions)

May 1993-June 2016

Created and expanded a dynamic and evolving dance fitness experience unmatched by competitors. Grassroots studio grew from a single person sole proprietorship to a team of 20. Increased paid memberships and revenues to $150,000 through development and execution of marketing plans, promotional activities, SEO and content marketing, advertising campaigns, and franchisee recruitment.

  • Mastermind behind in-house promotions that maintained customer retention rate of 85%.
  • Leveraged social connectivity through contests, articles, and polls on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Created generous profit-sharing program for franchisees, managers, and ambassadors.
  • Planned and executed large-scale health and fitness fairs that included live radio broadcasts, Internet and traditional advertising, and vendor and sponsor attainment. Attendance ranged from 400 to 2000 participants.
  • As a freelance consultant, trained and mentored over 50 instructors and business owners.
  • Represented and advocated Jazzercise, Inc. by acting national and local spokesperson.

Quality Coordinator (operated concurrently with other job positions)

April 2000 – December 2003

Conducted movement screenings and workshops to evaluate and mold potential instructors into solid candidates and prepare them for auditions. Critiqued and mentored certified instructors on instructional and motivational techniques while instructing Jazzercise fitness classes.

  • Successfully trained 95% of regional instructor candidates into becoming certified instructors and passing auditions.
  • Annually coached certified instructors through post-evaluation follow-up steps including positive and constructive feedback through written, verbal, and physical communications. Collaborated on an individual basis with each instructor on steps for maintaining or improving delivery of the Jazzercise experience.
  • Promoted and internally advocated the Jazzercise philosophy and culture.

Workforce Development, Sinclair Community College– Dayton, OH

Open Enrollment Manager

January 2011-September 2011 (temporary position)

Collaborated with national and local experts to continuously create 1-3 day education programs for business, information technology, and manufacturing professionals. Marketed said programs in the local community.

  • Marketing efforts resulted in 95% of all classes offered being profitably launched, a 30% increase from previous class offering statistics.
    • Created and implemented encompassing social media marketing strategy to fully leverage unique facets of Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.
    • Developed creative copy for new courses.
  • Conducted outreach programs and cultivated relationships with community groups and organizations to ensure service offerings met the needs of the community.
  • Conducted primary marketing research including the use of focus groups and on line surveys.
  • Left position to care for aging parents and finish doctoral degree.

CompleteTrader.Com, Inc. – Dayton, OH

Vice President of Marketing and Co-Founder

February 1998-October 2003

Co-founded a pure-play Internet company that provided proprietary stock and option indicators to subscribers at the beginning of the consumer Internet era.

  • Site had over 1000 registered users in less than 6 months after launch.
  • First year revenues totaled approximately $250,000.
  • As an early innovator, created comprehensive marketing plan focusing on Internet-based promotions at the beginning of the consumer Internet era.
    • Developed messages for online banner ads.
  • Guest expert on radio and television interviews and in trade publications.
  • Co-authored and self-published The Beginner’s Guide to Becoming a CompleteTrader – Trading Stock Options. Sold thousands of copies on

Kettering Health Network – Dayton, OH

Business Planning and Marketing Research Manager


Spearheaded the creation of the strategic planning process and its implementation for the newly realigned matrix-based organization.

  • Managed strategic plan development by facilitating group discussions and brain-storming sessions with Vice Presidents, Directors and key community leaders.
  • Conducted marketing research to determine specific service needs in 9-county service area.
  • Analyzed demographic, psychographic, and financial data to present executives with strategically critical evaluations.
  • Prepared successful RFPs. 

Kunkel and Associates – Dayton, OH

Independent Contractor (single assignment)


Conducted primary research to determine regionally strategic position for Fidelity Health Care.

Wright State University – Fairborn, OH

Graduate Assistant


Key player in establishing, opening, and managing the Center for Small Business Assistance, a local branch of the national Small Business Administration.

  • Directed and influenced entrepreneurs and small business owners with guidance on business plan development, loan and financing options, and market plan development.

Professional Associations

Women in Business Networking – Dayton, OH

January 2009-June 2016

  • Regularly scheduled speaker and facilitator for adult educational seminars. Topics included:
    • Strategic Marketing Planning and Implementation
    • Social Media Strategy Development and Execution
    • Branding
    • Delivering Exceptional Customer Service
    • Working with and Managing Distinct Personalities in the Workplace
    • Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Development
    • Delivering Exceptional Customer Service
  • Ensured comfort of current and prospective members while facilitating networking opportunities among attendees of all functions.
  • Promoted the high integrity and goals of the organization through professional contacts.


Doctor of Marketing (D.B.A.)
Northcentral University
Member: Lambda Eta Chapter of the International Business Honor Society, Delta Mu Delta
Dissertation Topic: The Use of Social Media in Purchasing Decisions of Professional African American Women

M.B.A., Finance and Health Care Management
Wright State University

B.S., Marketing
Miami University